Charleston's Best Juice Bar

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Level One

Shedding excess water weight, improving digestion and sharpening your mental focus are just some of the benefits of this cleanse. This is a great first step to assist your body to repair and reset.
This cleanse is an introductory level cleanse for first timers and those who are unsure about the intensity of level 2.

Juice Cleanses 1-5 day available (6 x 16oz bottles per day = $45)

KICKSTART: Lemon, cayenne, agave, coconut H2O This classic blend with the addition of coconut water hydrates, increases metabolism, and boosts your immune system

(2x) REVIVER: Carrot, apple, celery, ginger Curb cravings, increase energy & focus with this owner’s favorite which is also great for beautiful skin, eyes, and healthy heart

GREEN SMILE: Kale, cucumber, celery, apple, ginger, lemon Stave off cancer and get rid of the bloat while detoxifying the liver and kidneys.

HM PROTEIN: Hemp milk, vegan protein, cinnamon, agave This delicious protein milk helps maintain muscle mass, aids in weight loss, lowers blood sugar & curbs appetite.

RADIO FLYER: Beet, apple, cucumber, carrot This anti-aging, energy boosting blend is a superb anti-inflammatory & Detoxifyer