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The Juice Joint

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Sometimes Folly feels like a distant solar system. And after a day frying at the beach you can feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger on Mars, a la Total Recall — like your head is going to explode. But chill out, man. The Juice Joint is just steps away. With fresh, made-to-order juices, the little spot offers a healthy alternative to the island’s more popular beverages, margaritas and Mai Tais. Owners Michael and Wendy Ezelle (that’s Wendy “Red Dread” Ezelle of the Lowcountry High Rollers roller derby team) keep things exciting with unique mixes. Take their Royal Flush juice, for instance. It’s filled with beets, cucumbers, celery, kale, and carrots. Better than a V8, that’s your daily veggie requirement in just one delicious drink. Can’t beet that.

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